Make work easy

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or part of an on-the-job crew, lifting, pushing and hauling heavy cargo takes its toll… on you and your vehicle. Loading and unloading heavy items into a truck bed takes time, people and patience. After a hard day’s work the pain ranges from backaches to muscle strain to serious injury. Why suffer?

Weightlifter is the only powerful hydraulic truck lift tool like it on the market today. No more pushing, tugging, or manually lifting heavy cargo.

See Weightlifter in action.

The Work Truck Show
March 6th through the 8th, 2013
Indiana Convention Center
Indianapolis, Indiana


The weightlifter Slide Lift can be easily installed inside a 2014 Ford Transit Connect or larger van, as well as enclosed utility bodies. This revolutionary new design enables anyone to effortlessly move their cargo with the push of a button. Get things done like never before.

Don’t imagine it… Do it!

Weightlifter hydraulic lift system makes heavy lifting safe and simple. Load or unload almost anything in 3 simple steps. And it only takes one person to safely get the job done.

1)    With the Universal Lifter in the extended position, load and lift your cargo using the hook or Conversion Tools, which are our versatile custom truck accessories.

2)    Push the controller button to hoist the cargo into the truck bed placing it where you want.

3)    Lower the load and go.

Weightlifter Universal

Manufactured for many types of trucks and cargo vehicles: pick-up trucks, flat bed trucks, sprinter vans, and box trucks.

Weightlifter is versatile. Use the Universal with our four Conversion Tools to make your work easy.