The Weightlifter is fits many types of trucks and delivery vehicles: pick-up trucks, flat bed trucks, sprinter vans and box trucks. Use the handy hook to connect cargo and lift into a truck or van. A tailgate lift is the closest tool we’ve found to Weightlifter. But it only gets cargo up to the truck. You still have to lift, push and shove heavy materials onto the lift. We ship to your location. Our dealers can install for you or an installation manual can be sent to a location of your choice. We can assist your installer over the phone, as needed. Standard package includes:

  • 18 foot, 1/4″ thick galvanized cable.
  • Two 2-1/2″ hydraulic cylinders.
  • Super heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame.
  • Four-way remote control gives you the ultimate freedom in lifting.
  • An advanced design, which allows for maximum cargo space, and does not change the outward appearance of the truck.

Customize your Universal Lifter with Conversion Tools

Weightlifter Universal is flexible and easy, available at 1,000 and 2,000 lb. lift capacity. Conversion Tools take just minutes to connect turning the Universal into a tool with lots of uses and options.

Dump Truck

No more shoveling loads into and out of the back of a truck. The Dump Truck Conversion Tool can mass dump or dump in small quantities via a slot that can be opened and closed to control the load flow. The Dump Truck for the Weightlifter Utility Body unit or Flat Bed unit easily attach via the hook on the Universal. Three-yard capacity. Available only for 8′ truck beds.

Ladder Lift (US Patent 7,624,844 B2)

No matter where you go take your ladder with you. The Ladder Lift attaches to the Universal creating a stable ladder. There’s no unloading heavy extension ladders and trying to stabilizing it on a flat surface. Push the button and the ladder rises into place, providing the stability and security you need.

Pallet Lifter

Lift skids weighing up to 1,000 pounds with the push of a button. The Pallet Lifter hooks onto the Universal allowing anyone to safely and easily load or unload heavy cargo with the push of a button. The Pallet Lifter can be used with the Universal with a pickup truck, sprinter van, box truck, or with the Weightlifter Utility Body.