Where can I purchase Weightlifter Universal and Conversion Tools?

We accept orders for Weightlifter and Conversion Tools by phone. We are building our dealer network. If you are interested in buying Weightlifter for yourself or your business, call us directly or complete an inquiry form on the order page.

Where do I have Weightlifter installed?

If you are near one of our dealers, they can do the installation for you. If not, a manual can be sent to a location of your choice and we can assist your installer over the phone.

What kind of trucks can Weightlifter be installed into?

Weightlifter can be installed in any light-duty pickup truck (foreign or domestic) with a 6.5′ to 8′ bed and a height of 19". Weightlifter can be installed on any flatbed truck or trailer, if your cargo is larger than the bed of a standard pickup truck. If your load needs to be transported inside of a vehicle for safety or weather conditions, we have a unit for a box truck (patent pending) or to fit a sprinter van. Please call with your truck information to confirm fit and installation requirements.

Can I still have a tool box?

Weightlifter can be installed with many styles of toolboxes and most truck bed lengths. If you choose to purchase our patented utility body it includes storage compartments for tools and your work gear. Contact us for more specific information.

What information do I need to provide at the time of purchase?

The most important information we need is the manufacturer, year, type and model of truck the Weightlifter is to be mounted on. Details we need include:

  • Make/Model and year of pickup truck
  • Make/Model of service body (if applicable)
  • Any accessories that already have been added to truck bed (toolboxes, headache racks, etc)
  • Bed liner type (if applicable)
  • The┬ásize/weight of what you will be lifting
  • The weight of objects to be lifted, any specific applications and special needs for loading and unloading (dock, pallets, drums, etc)
How can I become a dealer?

We are looking for enthusiastic and qualified dealers to sell, install and service Weightlifter and its Conversion Tools. Our goal is to make our product line a recognizable addition to the truck equipment market. We believe that Weightlifter is so valuable to almost anyone who has a pickup truck that they will be able to use their vehicle more and enhance the reason they bought the truck in the first place. If you see yourself being a part of our growth, contact us. If you are already in a business that is related or wish to find a new source of income, contact us and we will help you to evaluate your opportunities.